Results for Mozmill Add-on Testscripting Testday

Henrik Skupin

Last Friday, on May 28th, we had our second testday which was fully devoted to Mozmill testing for add-ons. It was not that much attended this time, eventually because it hasn’t been promoted via the QA Companion extension, but we had a couple of very interesting discussions and were able to deeply test the new add-ons test-run script. During the day we had about 10 people in the channel who activily participated in that testday. Special thanks goes to Tobbi, auscompgeek, kbrosnan, madarche, jhammel, ankush, ctalbert, sysemple, dark_skeleton, and whimboo (testday driver).

During the testday we have found 9 bugs whereby 1 bug had to be fixed immediately. Given that it was a Mozrunner bug we had to release a new version to our users to allow the usage of binary add-ons with the test-run script.

Further we are proud to announce that in the near feature new tests for a second add-on will be added. That said we will have tests for the Google Toolbar and the new Fidesfit add-on. We are looking forward to get even more add-on authors to write Mozmill tests for their own extension. Please contact us when you have interests via the address on the add-ons testing project page.

Thanks everyone for your contribution over that Friday. It was a really productive day.