Focus versus unfocused

Ludovic Hirlimann

Over the last year – the Thunderbird QA team, has organized almost every week a triage event – where we were asking for contributors and users to come and give us a hand. The idea is that with more manpower and more people participating, we would get better bug reports and cleaner bug reports in the hands of the developers.
Usually we are very broad in the scope of the day. The few times we haven’t been broad, and that we’ve been very concise on what we would be working on, more people showed up. With that in mind expect bugdays to be more focus on a very small area of Thunderbird in the next few weeks. If you want to participate, this change should make it easier for you to come and give a hand. This week’s bugday is about deleting Attachments. Subject of upcoming bugdays aren’t defined yet – they are generally announced on the Tuesday of the week. To get notified – either follow this wikipage or read mdat, where I usually post an announcement.